Your Achieveable Results

I offer 3 Core Programs to Refresh Your Life Now. 
Each is incorporated into Your Dream Lifestyle Created by You While in a Program.

~ Diabetes
~ Cancer
~ Transition to Healthier Living Whole Foods Gradually to 100%, Raw Vegan 50 - 100%

Your Results can be:

~ Reduce or Eliminate Your High Blood Sugar Numbers
~ Reduce or Eliminate Your Use of Insulin
~ Eliminate Shots
~ Eliminate Fainting
~ Reduce or Eliminate Shortness of Breath
~ Reduce or Eliminate Risk of all Heart Disease
~ Reduce or Eliminate Risk of Renal Failure
~ Reduce or Eliminate Nerve Damage
~ Prevent Gangrene

~ Reduction of Cancer
~ Reduction of Severe Symptoms of Cancer
~ Reduce or Eliminate Cognitive Decline
~ Reduce or Eliminate Skin Issues
~ Reduce or Eliminate Extreme Fatigue and Body Aches/Pain
~ Reduce or Eliminate the Destruction of Your Immune System
~ Feel Great not Zapped
~ Maintain Healthy Weight
~ Maintain Ability to Swallow

~ Cells, Body Systems, & Body Energized
~ Body Naturally Detoxes
~ Satiated by Nutrient Dense Foods
~ Reawaken the Sacred Within You
~ Emotional Shifts
~ Compassionate with Yourself
~ Holistically Balanced in Body, Thoughts, Spirit
~ Living in Harmony
~ Clear Mind, Mind Fog Gone, Mind Energized
~ A Happier You
~ Living Your Deepest Yearnings in Your New Lifestyle

Let's begin by scheduling a health strategy conversation to see if you would like to pursue working with me for optimal health, energy and a refreshed life.


I help ill Career Moms overcome degenerative diseases,
specifically Diabetes and Cancer.
I work with ill Career moms with Diabetes or Cancer
to reduce their overwhelm, disease management and 
fatigue, optimally to live a healthy happy life.

This is achieved through self love, spirituality and
lifestyle enhancements.
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Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Member, International Association for Health Coaches
Member, American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Refresh Your Life Now
Bethel, CT 06801, 
203 216 6889
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Barbara Greenhouse shares her passions of Food, "Cooking", Cruelty-Free, and the Sharing of Key Information for a healthy and informed
world.  She guides her clients through their journey to live their dreams, easily and holistically, with compassion and with delicious live raw and gently cooked  foods.  Barbara is currently authoring her first book, "Sacred You, The Delicious Journey"®   © copyright refresh your life now, - 2015 Connecticut, USA

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