Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top 8 Causes of Fatigue Career Moms With Diabetes and Cancer

1.  Stress
2.  Battling a Major Disease
3.  Inflammation
4.  Poor Nutrition/too much Sugar
5.  Poor Circulation
6.  Lack of Exercise/Movement
7.  Poor Breathing/short breaths
8. Toxins

Beyond the causes are the affects.  The adrenal glands are what are affected. When they become over worked due to too much sugar and insulin production, stress and more, they "burn" out; hormone imbalances, relationship stress, spouse/partner/family, family schedules i.e your children's early morning sports games/practices, practice all week, travel teams, music lessons, karate etc., your career, disease management and the emotional roller coaster rides of keeping it all together, your adrenal glands are over worked to the point of serious fatigue where in turn your can barely lift up an arm or walk. Basically you just want to sleep and maybe you do, yet you do not feel refreshed, you are still so tired.  This is your first clue to adrenal burnout.  As a diabetic and or cancer stricken career mom you have a champion to refresh your life to a normal healthy life.  Me.

Stress is the number one killer and cause of major diseases and fatigue. Sugar and all that I have mentioned above are the enemy of your adrenal glands and the fatigue you feel throughout your body when you are out of balance cooking, baking, snacking with and on too many sugary foods and more and too often. For example, not managing your sugar intake, your stress, not eating nutritious clean foods that your body requires to thrive causes obesity, diabetes, cancer and other LIFESTYLE diseases.

Toxins are everywhere. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil our foods are grown in. They are found in every environment we are in daily; in our homes, furniture, schools, offices, stores, vehicle/factory emissions, paint, chemicals, pesticides, cleaning products, vaccines, in our FOOD, clothing, bedding carpeting, glues, marker pens, the list goes on and on.

Your body was designed for all that was listed above to be clean, not toxic and therefore you will be allergen free, fatigue free, toxin free, inflammation free and disease free.

Your goal is not to survive. It is to thrive. Think about the ways your can keep fatigue and disease out of your life and then practice ways to make sure you do.  When you come up with your ways to increase your energy in your daily life and reduce your fatigue, share them and let us know how they are going for you in the comments below.

Do you need some help with your fatigue, moving beyond diabetes and cancer to a normal healthy and happy life?  Email me at refreshyourlifenow@gmail.com or visit http://www.barbaragreenhouse.com to sign up for your free strategy Health Session.

In health and joy,

Barbara S. Greenhouse

I work with ill career moms with diabetes or cancer to reduce your
overwhelm, disease management and fatigue; optimally to live a normal healthy happy disease free life.

This is achieved through Self Love, Spirituality and Simple Lifestyle Enhancements.

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Barbara Greenhouse shares her passions of Food, "Cooking", Cruelty-Free, Ahimsa, the Nutrition and Health Connection for optimal health, and the Sharing of key information, some of which is suppressed,  for a healthy and informed world.  She guides her clients through their journey to live their deepest dreams, simply and holistically, with compassion and by incorporating some delicious raw whole foods; fruits and vegetables.  She is currently authoring her first book, "Sacred You, The Delicious Journey"®  -  © copyright Refresh Your Life Now - 2015 Connecticut, USA

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Barbara Greenhouse shares her passions of  Food, "Cooking", Cruelty-Free, Ahimsa, the Nutrition Health Connection and the Sharing of key Information, some of which is suppressed,  for a healthy and informed world.  She teaches, guides and supports her clients along their journey to achieve their goals one step at a time, to live their dreams simply, holistically and with compassion.  

By recommending some delicious live raw whole foods vegetables and fruit, your progress to a healthier and happier life begins with reduced stress, less pain, more energy, weight loss, and optimal health.  She is currently authoring her first book, "Sacred You, The Delicious Journey"®    © copyright Refresh Your Life Now, - 2015 Connecticut, USA