Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do You Have the Right?

Do you have the right to harm your body?  Absolutely.  Should you?  Of course not.
We humans, you and I, tend to think of our body from the brain mind perspective only, which repeats patterns of how we do things unless we change them with intentions.   Plus the body is thought of as You in total mostly, which is good to a point because all of the pieces do integrate to create the whole that is You and this understanding is important to heal.  We also need to think of the body as a  number of functioning systems and processes that do miraculous actions which are made up of and relying on the actions of billions of cells to be healthy.

On a more conscious and deeper level when we know or are open to learning what is actually best for us on this deeper level do we, again you and I, do we change to be truly healthy?  Sadly there are more no's here.  The results are pain, fatigue, low energy, less strength, weight gain or loss, and dis-ease.

Currently many of you medicate, cut, burn, live in toxic environments, and eat foods that do not support you on the deepest level.  This  is quite harmful to the different systems created to keep you  humming smoothly and to provide what each of the billion of cells needs to be able to achieve a healthy environment in your body so you can function optimally.

The topic of this post came to me one night.  I asked myself do I have the right to fry my cells with radiation or chemo?  Do I have the right to cut through my skin layers? Is there another option?  Our skin has it's own immune system and  has many important tasks to perform.  Do I have the right to disrupt them?  Do I have the right to starve my cells of the fuel they need?  Do I have the right to deplete my supply of insulin by constantly overeating high glycemic foods, and excessive amounts of "bad" fats and sugars?  Do I have the right to overwork my immune  system with all the inflammation caused by chronic stress, toxins, over indulging in nutrient devoid foods? Do I have the right to ALL  information to make the best decisions for my health?

Dis-ease is caused by the natural defense mechanism inflammation designed to come to the rescue, for example on a more simple level a cut, to provide more blood and white cells to heal the cut.  We have all seen this miracle in action.  The problem lies in when inflammation is a constant companion caused by too much and constant stress in response to some of the factors listed above and from some of the factors  in your life causing disease.

Viewing your body as a whole is important.  Seeing your body as an intricate network of systems designed to keep you healthy and alive is also very important.  Remembering that each of your billions of cells has intricate specialized chemical elements and parts with specific intricate tasks to support your systems and body as a whole is something to be more conscious about.  Are you in to ponder your rights and health on a deeper conscious level?

The following solidified simply for me that there really are only two choices for health and wellness. I heard Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD say it and I also read it in his book, "There is a Cure for Diabetes", do you want to live the "Culture of Death" or the "Culture of Life?"  This is such a powerful and thought provoking question.

This article is food for thought.  I am the last person in the world to want to remove or to suggest removing your rights.  My hope here is that you will take your rights/thoughts down to the deepest level of you for your health and happiness.  Try to remove the peer pressure, family pressure and marketing hype and triggers so prevalent in media.  Step up a rung on your Conscious Ladder remembering you are Sacred in body, mind and spirit.  You have the right to be totally healthy. After your birth, no one gives this to you but you.

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