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3 Ways Trees Are Related To Your Health

To live well you need oxygen, water and nutrient dense foods.

Trees are our breathing buddies. We are mutually benefited by the others actions. Trees remove the carbon out of the air from our exhales and from pollutants in the air. Trees need carbon in the photosynthesis process. Trees then release oxygen into the air through this process.

Trees drink up large amounts of water and help keep a balance of moisture and dryness in your lawn, and land in general when there is not an access of rain. On the flip side when there is not enough water the lands become too dry and can not be farmed or the soil blows away. They help keep some of the water in the ground with their shade keeping the hot sun from directly scorching the earth.

When the temperatures outside are very high trees shade us, animals and insects and provide cooling relief from the high, sometimes scorching temperatures. This puts less of a strain on air conditioning your interior spaces and the power grid.

Trees are their own ecosystems for moss and lichen, insects and animals. Where you and I allow fear of large storms or being pushed by insurances companies to cut them down or else, you loose a very important part of the balance in your life and community. The air quality goes down. When DOT cuts trees down along highways it's harder to breathe from all of the exhaust filled with carbon and more, compared to a drive in the country with numerous trees. This goes for your neighborhood and community too. Trees with interior rot are one thing. Healthy trees are not. They can be trimmed, anchored down and saved. When planted as young trees this needs consideration so they are not too close to a building and are trimmed continuously and kept healthy.  Of  late, too many trees are being chopped down due to fear. It's a little over the top in my opinion. Safety is important. It's just over used with a big dose of fear. What do you think?

So let's take care of our trees too. They will take care of us, our lands, our waters and our air, which is healthier, and makes for a healthier, happier you.

How to Prevent and Heal Diabetes. Todays Food Supply and How Far It's Come to Promote Illness And Death

Food is best when it's delicious AND Nutritious. Any food you eat and its quality starts with the soil it's grown in or the health of the waters it’s taken from.

Meat from cows that graze on grass and clover only, instead of being fed  pellets of corn and soy, are healthier. They have more vitamins, minerals and omegas.   Why? Because the chlorophyll in the greens is abundant with omegas and magnesium, has basically the same cell structure as our hemoglobin, builds blood which carries the oxygen and  helps to eliminate toxins through the skin to name a few. What you eat is what your body gets; either benefits or issues.  Fish and seafood no longer come from the pristine waters of the past but polluted waters.

Animals that are subjected to CAFO and pellets for food are fed antibiotics, growth hormones and GMO corn and soy pellets, not what their digestive systems were designed for. They are stressed from overly cramped quarters, cruelly treated , abused,  live in gestation cribs not allowed to move, pigs boiled alive to remove their skin, grown too fast and fattened unnaturally fast to get them to market in unusually cruel circumstances, chicken beaks are cut off without novacaine and their cages are so small they can't move.  This affects the meat.

How does this relate to Diabetes, Cancer and inconvenient ailments? Modifying away from what
is natural for what the animals eat, the vegetables we eat, especially the GMO vegetables, and continuously and heavily sprayed fruits and vegetables enter your body.   These pesticides are not acceptable to the body and are treated like intruders. They cause inflammation. CAFO cows in feed lots stand in large amounts mud and feces up to a foot high. Bacteria heaven! This does not make a healthy environment.  What can enter the animal can then enter you by eating the meat.

Small amounts of aggravators add up over time and cause imbalances in your body. Growth hormones and antibiotics also enter your body through meat. You can see the affects of both in your children and yourself for both. If you were a cell or two in your body you'd feel choked, punched, pulled, stretched, burned, ...unable to function. Grouped together you feel like these descriptors, which doesn’t feel good to you.. You get the idea.  You can see the effects on children. Their bodies are maturing at a much faster rate than 20 - 30 years ago. This messes up the balance of their hormones which can upset their natural individual time and processes when they mature as teens. If your kids are diabetic and have other ailments adding these to the mix exacerbates their issues as the body sees the antibiotics and growth hormones as intruders, which agitates, aggravates and inflames.

Other issues pertain to dairy and farm subsidies.  Dairy is touted for all of the calcium and that you must have 3 good servings of dairy per day.  Well that's advertising.  You don't. Dark leafy greens have more calcium and without the fate, bacteria and pus.  Plus, too much calcium actually creates more fractures. The CDC even has data that with the increase of calcium in middle aged to the elderly as the consumption of calcium has gone up, so have hip fractures. You need the correct balance of calcium and collagen, as collagen keeps joints and bones flexible, keeps them from breaking, not calcium. As you age and eat incorrectly your body loses calcium you do need to replace it with calcium rich foods. Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies are important factors if you are diabetic. Balance of one element is key to stay healthy as it is for all of the elements and processes in your body.
Did you know there is an allowable limit for pus in milk? And bacteria? Do you really want to ingest these into your body? "Ok, I'll have a cup pus and bacteria please." No amount should enter your body knowingly. It is doubtful these are healthy and can keep your immune system in overdrive keeping the agitation and stress a constant chronic condition, deep within your body. Stress is the number one killer.

Food subsidies create the situation of "oh my" what do we do with all the surplus milk, soy and corn we grow after CAFO cows are fed.  Push them on to an unassuming population through processed foods, and advertise them heavily.  The farm soil, unless organic through healthier practices, blows away over time creating dust bowls and barren land because it becomes nutrient devoid, as mentioned earlier, the ecosystem in the soil is chemically burnt out.

Organic farms and foods need to be subsidized if anything is to be. Organic makes for healthier animals, but what about the farmer, his family an the farm workers who work in heavily and continuously sprayed fields? Organic farms are healthier to live on and work on which equates to less stress and agitation on their bodies which means less inflammation and less lifestyle diseases or pregnancy issues.

I wrote this article to relate how the mass Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations for meat, fruits and vegetables is not healthy and how it impacts your life, especially when you have to deal with a degenerative disease like Diabetes or Cancer.  The more you eat from this less healthy "deadly" food system, the less healthy you become and the more ill you are. It may feed more people but at what cost? Cost to your health, cost to the environment, cost to our waterways from industrial and farm runoffs, cost to the farmers and farm workers.  Every dollar you spend in it, except for organic or farms that practice sustainable practices, affects your health negatively, aggravates your current diseases and aliments requiring you to manage your disease, not live your life. Food subsidies had their place in the Great Depression. They were supposed to end after it. Politics kept them going to this day pushed onto the American people by big agriculture lobbies currently, and by biased and incorrect marketing.

Even though organic is initially more costly because it is not subsidized, there are ways to find
inexpensive organic produce. Let your local representatives and Congress know that if any food is subsidized it should be healthy organic foods.  Processed foods are stripped of most if not all of their nutrients and then maybe 6 or so may be added back into the final product along with HFCS, sugars, chemical and alot of bad fats. They are then labeled fortified. Why remove the nutrients in the first place?

Think clean, eat more green and a rainbow of colors, eat organic or the cleanest foods on the EWG clean and dirty lists at  Think more fresh air, fresh clean water,, say no to pesticides, herbicides or extremely limit their use, artificial food, food dyes, MSG, chemicals, hidden sugars and bad fats, antibiotics (if a must, eat or drink a food that supplies you with healthy bacteria to keep the flora in your stomach in balance) and growth hormones especially kids, to popping a pill for every ailment, and GMO foods.  Rethink highly processed foods, transition to whole foods, fruits, grass fed meats and safe seafood. Think calm and adding movement to your life, connect with nature, take walks, dance, pick up a hoola hoop, shoot hoops, jump rope, work out, move about, mow the lawn with a manual or electric push mower, and whatever you like. Just get off your butt and move.

Oh, and smile. And make sure to have some fun

Health topics come from so many angles. What's important is that you have optimal health, are feeling great, are full of energy and don't manage your life, but live it!.  

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