Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Convenient Life.

Convenience.  Is it good for you?

This topic came to me in a funny and an unusual way.  I locked my car keys in my car at the library.  I picked up my house keys by mistake.  The police station in my town is conveniently next door to the library so a short walk solved my problem easily.  This is a positive experience related to convenience.

However, with this experience it got me to thinking, to think about the words convenience and convenient.   How often are they a good thing in my life and in yours?

We live a convenient life.  What does this mean?  In a nut shell it boils down to saving you time.  But does it really accomplish much for you? What ends up in this saved time?

There are convenience stores, convenience foods, texting, cell phones, ipads all of which are convenient.  I'm sure you can come up with a much longer list as to what is convenient in your life.

The other side of convenience is loss of quality.  The top two conveniences on my mind with significant loss of quality are relationships, all types: to self, others, the Divine, the planet, our neighbors.  The second is food.

For an enlightening exercise take a piece of paper, yes, please not on the computer, draw a line down the center of the paper.  Next, title the left side CONVENIENCE and on the right side title it LOSS of QUALITY.

Go as deeply as you can with this, take some time.  The purpose is to gain insight on how you are truly not living a life of quality, which is only one part of living YOUR life, the life of your dreams.  Because with out quality, their is lack.  With quality their is life.  If you have an example of where your quality has improved, do write that in.

The last part of this exercise is to write up a sentence or paragraph or two, or if you are more artistic, draw what you wish to do, that will counter each of the of loss of quality that you have listed.

An example:

The convenience:   Purchase and eat convenience store and fast food.

Loss of quality: (use I, not you, of course)
Many:  You have no idea what is in your "food", you have lost the connection to lovingly prepare and connect to delicious food and it's source for your self and/or others, fast food tends to be scoffed down running from here or there, not properly chewing the food, no down time, where is the enjoyment and nurturing, loss of new flavors and foods, added chemicals, taste enhancers etc. that keep you hooked.  The big loss is not sharing the love of creativity and healthy food preparation with children if you have them, which is great bonding time and they feel empowered by helping and learning, doing something fun and with mom or dad.

New quality:  Starting today I will visit the grocery/health food store and explore the whole food section.  I will look for color and items I would like to try.  I may ask someone to tell me about an item I know nothing about.  I may explore organic humanely raised meat as well, if I eat meat today or in the future.

If today I decide to purchase new organic vegetables and fruit I will start with simple new ways to prepare them or just wash and eat them.  I will look for simple recipes online, in a cookbook, ask a friend or my health coach if I have one, for some new recipes using my new found foods. Otherwise I will decide when I would like to do this. 

I will set the time I previously used to drive to the convenience store or fast food restaurant to slow down, take a deep breath and simply cut, chop or slice food and steam, saute or eat raw my new found foods.  The world of delicious fresh juices and smoothies I have heard about will eventually be added to my daily routine.  I can't wait to invite my spouse and children to be my assistant chefs.

Of course you then build on this until you wean yourself off of the junk and less nutritious foods as you will have filled your meals with such nutritious and healthy foods, there won't be much, if any, room for them. It may also mean cutting back some activities to allow for optimal health. 

Why is this so important?  Lack of quality of life, especially related to food, can set the stage for illness and dis-ease such as diabetes, cancer, coronary heart dis-ease, auto immune arthritis and obesity, ADHD, increase stress, create binging and so much more.

The actual qualities behind these are connection/relationship, better quality for this example food, which equates to better quality of life and health, respect for yourself and more...   As you go deeper still, with each deeper connection that comes to light, you will find they lead you to a deeper connection to the Divine.

So tell me, is convenience really good for you?  Or does it steal from you? (for every gain, what are the losses if any?)  Please let me know below.

One more example of loss of quality, not gone into detail here, is the use of electronic and mobile devices for example cell phones, TV, video games.  They kill the connection component of relationship.  This is a whole separate article coming your way in the future.

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