Friday, December 16, 2011

To Die-t or Not To Die-t, is This Your Question?

My take is, one should not be deprived or feel deprived if one is to be happy.  While mulling over one problem that looms large in many, many lives, perhaps even yours, is this thing called a die-t. Notice how the word die is in it. How positive is that!

I love playing with words and word games.  Within die-t are four, four letter words that simplify the process of transition associated with weight loss, but where the benefits are much greater and transformation into a new lifestyle occurs.

Die-t = deprivation, lack; the ultimate setup to failure
Tied  = tied into or hooked in, to deprivation and failure
Edit  = change, make the decision to modify and change
Tide  = breakaway, changing the tide to transform, go from the ebb, the old ways, to flow the
             new  ways, your dream, goal, alignment to your core beliefs and hearts desires - your
             life plan

Lifestyle = your life plan, you connect with how you want to live - for the reasons and ideals
             important to you, to your passions, no one else, only to you.  This is simple, all
             encompassing, and takes some work. But the results!
I am here to teach you how to do this, sharing the keys to achieve success for whichever OMG you wake up to every morning where you want to pull the covers back up and over your head. 

So before you go, head on down to the comments section below this post and tell me what swirls are going round and round in your head keeping you up all night.
Give me a call to start you on your journey to a vibrant, happy life. We will schedule a time to talk about Refreshing Your Life Now.


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