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Inflammation, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Is there really something good about inflammation?  Yes, surprisingly there is because we only hear the bad press.  Well, we will cover all of it here in this post.

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Inflammation is your body's first line of defense against infections and injuries, wounds, falls, toxic food, pesticides, pollution and the like.  The emergency response team in you body responds immediately.  A little science here, this team receives distress signals of the bio chemical nature from damaged tissues and cells.  For knee scrapes or puncture wounds the injured area is sealed off, incoming bacteria get their death sentence and certificate and the damaged tissues are destroyed.

What we perhaps see as redness, swelling, feel as heat or pain and perceive to be bad,   are actually signs that the body's emergency response team is in action, your inflammatory response. 

Inflammatory response is the start of the healing process.  Like everything else, this response needs to keep a balance between heating up inflammation and cooling it down.  As we know, when there is excessive inflammation, heat, and the ph is too acidic our immune system is compromised and we become ill.  When it is severe and chronic our body is way out of balance.  The body and all of our body's systems immune, circulatory, respiratory to name a few are in distress, break down and serious dis-ease takes hold.  

For example, internally, when veins, arteries, our system organs, tissues and joints are taxed or injured they become inflamed because the automatic response system kicks in to start the healing process. At this stage however serious symptoms arise and the response team can become overwhelmed when the conditions are chronic due what the body perceives as an overload of toxins. What toxins?  Excessive sugar, toxic food (wax, petroleum products unpronounceable chemical foods), pesticides,cosmetics, body care products etc., over a long space of time.  The immune system can not handle the situation well.  The body tries to send us messages but we are too busy to listen until the damage is done and comes forth as a debilitating dis-ease and perhaps unrelenting pain depending on the dis-ease.  

Tips to avoid or clear up inflammation:

1. Drink plenty of fresh spring water, or filter your own.  Checkout
2. Eat and drink more dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables and other alkaline or 
     alkaline forming foods
3. Eat organic for at least the annual dirty dozen fruits and vegetables. Organic tastes better  
    irregardless of what mainstream reports and biased testing show. It tastes good, you will 
    eat more fruits and vegetables which tames inflammation and then eliminates it or
    keeps it in balance. Organic is less costly in the long run with your time and money, it is
     non-GMO, no animal genes in your fruits and vegetables, no built-in pesticides and lastly 
    the soil is nutrient dense with numerous minerals and life teaming organisms with in the   
    soil, verses deficient soil, your typical conventional industrialized farm soil.
4. When you cook meat if you do, choose rare, medium rare. Grilling burnt/crispy is deadly.
5. What ever you wouldn't eat don't serve to your body to cleanse your skin, face or body
     with, nor use as moisturizers, perfumes, makeup or hair products. Anything not easily
     pronounced is a good indication that it is toxic, not health and you don't want it on your 
     skin where it then transits into your body.
6.  Manage your stress. As the # 1 killer in the us today because it's damage hidden for so 
     long. It causes inflammation which in turn creates an acidic ph and when chronic, causes
     debilitating dis-eases, most often deadly dis-ease, for example Cancer, Diabetes, CHD,
     Lung dis-eases, Autoimmune dis-eases Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Alzheimer's, 
     Adrenal Failure and more.
7.  Cut back on the whites - sugar, flour, salt, unless you have low blood pressure; the brain
     requires salt for development. Use Celtic or Pink Himalayan salt, not iodized salt.
8.  Cut back on caffine, alcohol, prescription meds, antibiotics. Use pro and prebiotics.
     While cacao and dark chocolate is good for you for much of the chocolate on the market
      has quite a bit of caffine.  For some health conditions caffine needs to be avoided entirely.

Do you suffer from a debilitating dis-ease?  How's your stress life?  Please share with us in the comments below. 

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  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms come and go, depending on the degree of tissue inflammation. When body tissues are inflamed, the disease is active. When tissue inflammation subsides, the disease is inactive.

  2. Lenny, Thank you for sharing this important information. The key is to keep the symptoms from returning or becoming severe, best, to be inactive. Barbara