Saturday, October 4, 2014

5 Warming Spices for Fall and Winter

This week saw the fall foliage come out in all of it's glory.  The colors painted a vibrant landscape for all to see in New England, Connecticut specifically for me.

When I think of and see these beautiful colors I am reminded of the warming spices of Fall I love to provide the warm inner glow.

Today's post provides 5 spices that will warm your body and your soul with flavor and warmth. Another big plus is they help to keep your blood moving.

1.  Cinnamon derived from tree bark is wonderful on it's own or in a spice blend for tea, in smoothies and in fall desserts.  It is medicinal in that it assists with blood sugar levels.  Ceylon cinnamon is a higher grade of cinnamon and can be found online.  photo credit:

2.  Cardamon is either the whole seeds or the ground pods that contain the seeds from plants found in south east Asia in the ginger family. It has a strong flavor and aroma of mint and lemon.

3.  Ginger is a tuberous pungent root that is quite warming used in tea, juicing, smoothies, grated into desserts, salads and more.  Medicinally, ginger, along with our next spice, helps to rid your microbiome, the billions of beneficial bacteria's home in your stomach, of parasites.

4. Garlic enhances the flavor and is quite warming to your body as well in a large variety of recipes from Italian to Asai cooking, seafood dishes and this may surprise you in hot tea with ginger, honey and lemon.

5.  Nutmeg by itself or with cinnamon is our last warming spice on the list.  Nutmeg is ground from  the hard seed of the Nutmeg tree.  It's use is well known in fall pies, cider, egg nog, cookies and more recipes and to spike the flavor of dark leafy greens, tea and smoothies.

What is your favorite spice to feel cozy and warm during the cooler fall and colder winter months? Let us know which one and how you use it in the comments section found at the end of this post.  photo credit:

Diabetes is a lifestyle dis-ease for all types. Genetics can play a part yet it has been proven genetics can be reversed/overcome with regards to disease.

Only a diabetic knows what it's like to have to check your sugar readings continually day in and day out, make sure you eat correctly to not pass out, deal with pain, all of the doctors appointments, paraphernalia purchases and usage, especially needles, unless you have the pump, and the need to inject insulin which is set up for you to continually need to do the routine until you die.  Nutrition in many ways as it was prior to the 1970's is paramount for optimal health, energy and to stave off gout, coronary heart disease, amputation of limbs, hospitalizations and death for the  millions caught up in the vicious diabetic cycle. There is a cure stop chasing it. It's the cause and it is known, lack of proper nutrition, inactivity, and highly toxic living, working and play environments which includes lack of pristine air to breath and water to drink and clean food to eat.

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Required FDA Blurb: Please note always check with your doctor, Naturopath or healthcare provider prior to starting  a new program especially if you're on medications.  Each person is an individual with a different body chemistry, reactions or healings and therefore another's results are not guaranteed to be your results.

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Barbara Greenhouse shares her passions of  Food, "Cooking", Cruelty-Free, Ahimsa, the Nutrition Health Connection and the Sharing of suppressed Information for a healthy and informed world.  She teaches, guides and supports her clients along their journey to achieve their goals one step at a time, to live their dreams simply, holistically and with compassion.  

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