Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cancer Treatments The Pull for Conventional Only is So Strong

Another beautiful mom, inside and out, succumbed to the strong pull of two powerful entities. She died of cancer.

The two strong pulls are:

1.  Big Pharma
2. The FDA

Let me back track a couple of years. We heard that this beautiful mom was all of the sudden diagnosed with mid stage cancer.  Knowing that most women and couples are not aware of holistic/alternative healing protocols I gave her some information so she at least knew that they exist and that there are places that do Integrative medicine or purely alternative (actually what's been around for centuries and is mostly successful).  I felt she had a right to suppressed information to make an informed decision. Yet any decision she would make would be hers.  She handed the info back the next time I saw her some months down the road.  She was not interested not even to just talk about it.

She passed away last week another beautiful woman, wife and mother, and an awesome school guidance counselor,  gone.

Now what is the pull I am speaking about? Big Pharma pushing chemo, a drug that destroys the immune system, the very system you need to fight off the cancer.  It is toxic to every cell in your body, not just the cancer cells.  It's like the old blood letting; drain all the blood to rid the disease, which was deadly.  Blood is the life "blood" of the body.  We progressed much in the mainstream.

Conventional medical, the cut, surgery to remove the cancer.  Yes it has been effective but not long term without chemo and radiation. The lymphs, the needed combatant of toxins and disease are removed. Surgical incisions destroy the body's second immune system within your skin to battle all that bombards it daily.  After surgery large amounts of antibiotics, which are becoming  resistant to bacteria, are necessary in conventional medicine and are not what the body prefers at all.

The burn, radiation, totally destroys and weakens the area it is focused on. We are bombarded by radiation daily with microwave technology, radiation, for satellites, cell phones, ovens, medical radiation and much more. Your body does not like this.  Sadly, I witnessed a young woman, 16 at best, walk perfectly fine into her first radiation treatment appointment at Yale.  She could barely walk out, hunched over after treatment and was in so much pain.  I wanted to hug her and help her.

You see the pull to what is known and what is conveniently all that most people are allowed to hear about, is killing more people every day, while prevention and cures exist that when they are used, when the doctor says put your affairs in order I can't help you any more speech is given, have been quite successful for up to 20 years or more.  They know full well they are letting the kill system progress by doing this. Most doctors even oncologists have stated they would never go through these conventional methods.  They seek the methods that work, that have had research and studies in the States and Europe and they are suppressed in the States to keep the money rolling into Big Phama, and the medical system and back out to university research for cures and to doctors.  For over 40 years so much money, billions, has been raised to cure cancer. So where is the cure? It is archived and suppressed, called quackery by doctors who are indoctrinated with the conventional way of treatment by the two strong pull machines.  This is slowly changing as many prominent MD's have a new model in Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine. Ladies, you have a choice to at least seek out the information to make the best decision for you. Not Big Pharma's nor the Cancer societies money machine, that in over 40 years has not come up with a cure, while many others have.  Contact me if you do research and have questions.

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The second strong pull I alluded to above is the FDA.  They have no interest in the health of this nation. They spin the truth and disallow you to use/have the treatments that will actually heal you. That's government interfering with your rights as a mother and parent to do what you know is best for your child or yourself, especially when more death occurs, from the conventional protocols. When you are healed by whole food bought at local organic farms, herbs, real super foods, conscious doctors, integrative practices and more that are healthy, they make the money. Otherwise the money goes to the unconscious corporations, especially  Big Phama, and all of the chemical and pesticide companies etc.

The FDA needs to be abolished so that you and everyone else has the information you need to make informed decisions for you health.  Sugar coated language, raids on successful farms whose products heal are now a reality. The FDA makes it difficult for they and you. Their lobbyists get key Big Business leaders to sit on the boards and commissions and the FDA. Large sums of money changes hands to achieve this. The FDA sides with the money, unconscious businesses whose business plan is money over saving lives.   There are no large lists of side effects for these farm products just the good they have done. Yet, listen to Big Pharma ads on TV. A two minute ad push was followed by a 10 minute spiel of warnings portion, that I timed. Yet these are allowed to "help" you. The idea of the FDA is nice, however when you think about it, we ourselves can boycott, do our research or seek help, speak to our local politicians. And they were never meant to do us good. We can overcome what needs to be overcome without a non elected entity calling the shots and therefore screening out what you can not use for your health.  Their decisions are not what is best for you most often. This second strong pull and meekly following this appointed entity, and Big Pharma, the 2 big pulls killing beautiful moms (and dads and kids) unnecessarily, do so through power, money and persuasive speech.

Moms, I want you to live. I want you to be there for your family.  If you want to at least think outside of the conventional medical treatment box, be open to the natural information that does exist, and that if it is at least used in conjunction with the #1 pull to beat your cancer or make it less painful, less exhausting during and after your treatment, you will be much better off on the other side of treatment. On it's own, the results can be amazing.  Do understand everyone is unique. Results are unique.

Personally I have lost very, very special moms, one my soul sister and a grand mother due to cancer.

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In my mind you need to see/hear all the information that exists that is helpful and to see what those women who have had cancer have done and how they are thriving and relating their stories to the world, literally.  You may agree. Stage 4 cancer has been holistically healed after the "get your affairs in order speech" was given by their doctor.  We need to get back to thinking and evaluating for ourselves what we need. Watchdogs are one sided.  One of my passions is to share when information is biased and when good studies and clinical trial data  information is suppressed.  

The most simple cure is prevention, eating for what your body requires which is whole clean unprocessed foods nutrition, an environment within your body where cancer cannot survive, self care and the deep desire for ultimate health so you will say no to what is not good for your body the majority of the time and yes to what is. Your body was created to function and to heal.  Let it. Disease, acne, arthritis, autism, alzheimers, diabetes, cancer, coronary heart disease are all lifestyle diseases and do heal.

Find the cause of your health issues and heal them. Ladies, take charge of your health and live. You weren't meant to manage disease.

A health coach is trained to guide you through, to prevent or to heal an existing condition, one step at a time.  After you connect with me on facebook, twitter and my website take the next step if you like for your 40 minute health strategy session. It's free. You may sign up on this blog on the right or on my website.  Also Share some of your thoughts in the comments section below on how you are dealing with or making progress with your cancer.  Reach out to gain some insights from others going through similar tough times.

Lastly, after I started writing this post I listened to a recorded radio show that had many interviews. One interview was with Dr. Coldwell.  I went straight to his website after his and smiled.  Much of what I've written about here, he has stated a bit better than I as he's been ostracized like many other doctors outside of the medicate, burn and cut treatment modality.  Here is his website if you would like to read about him . There are many out there, like him.

In health and joy,