Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Me Time

Awaken, Align, Transform, Refresh
Flower petals, running water, beautiful music, meditation garden, seeing a favorite movie, time at the park, walking 
along the beach, yoga, sleeping in without regret, 
a getaway
weekend... what ever this is for you. Did you schedule me time in your planner?

The only other question is, did you keep your promise to indulge in yourself by taking your me time?

To me.

Want to learn more?  Please contact me and we'll  schedule a time to talk about you, your dreams and explore how you want to start Refreshing Your Life Now, one simple step at a time.  To you.


This post may be reprinted on your blog, website or in your e-zine with my blessing as long as you include the following:  Barbara Greenhouse shares her passions of Food, "Cooking", Cruelty-Free, and the Sharing of Unbiased Information for a healthy and informed world.  She guides her clients through their journey to live their dreams, easily and holistically, with compassion and by incorporating some delicious live raw foods.  She is currently authoring her first book, "Sacred You, The Delicious Journey"®    © copyright refreshyourlifenow, - 2011 Connecticut, USA

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