Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Holy Cow! Love and Cacao

Cacao Pistachio Bark
Love is a strong emotion and quite the strong emotion for many of you with regards to Chocolate (Cacao).  While emotions play a key role for you, as with everything there is balance.

I need to be conscious around cacao myself as I really Love chocolate.  I find since I do not eat alot of sweets or unhealthy processed chocolate treats, mainly raw organic cacao chocolates, that once in a while I give my self permission to eat more of it.  Do you give your self permission?  Or, do you deprive yourself? 

Last Thursday night I attended a pre-Valentine's Day event, a raw cacao chocolate party extraordinaire at Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe, in Fairfield, CT.  A sizable fun group, our host Glen, the chefs, some music and the cacao treats made for a deliciously happy evening.

Four amazing chocolatiers, Lisa, Tynne, Paul and Kenzi demonstrated delectable raw cacao treats; walnut fudge, herbal cacao balls, cacao elixirs, drinks, ice cream, cacao pistachio bark and much more.  I never thought I could eat so many raw cacao treats in such a short space of time.  The herbs and the use of a touch of cayenne in one recipe kept our mouths watering for more treats.  The trays with samples flowed for two hours.

Does this sound like something you can give yourself permission to do?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The following day I was kind to my body with a mild detox process.  My nutritious foods were a 16 oz green juice, alot of water, a beet, orange, papaya smoothie and small light snack size meals of homemade mini raw veggie burgers and slightly steamed kale and broccoli with lemon.   To Love and Cacao, always!

Photos by David Axelrod, Norwalk, CT, more coming soon.
Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe is a raw vegan go to eatery, juice and smoothie bar, and promotes numerous healthy living events.  Located at 39 Unquowa Road, Fairfield CT. 

Glowing to the End


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  2. I wish I was there to indulge :)