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Unnecessary Dis-eases

There is holistic solution.
Grab a special cup of tea, this is a long one!

You've read about it in the news. The occurrence of diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease are on the rise. Even in children.  Why?

Our bodies are telling us messages, loud and clear.  But we are not listening. They are out of balance big time caused by nutrient deficient food, stress, overwhelm, poor food choices, grab and go food, we're not home cooking, not enough sleep and too many meds for this or that. Toxins are found everywhere in our food and our living and working environments along with toxins in the soil, the air we breathe, the water we bath in, drink and swim in for recreation.  

Since 1980 diabetes has increased steadily. Statistics from 1994 on show not only the increase in this disease as diabetes 1 but also Diabetes 2 especially from 2008 on getting drastically worse each year thereafter.  The graphs indicate increase in diabetes overall not by 1 or 2. Another interesting point is that severe or longer term diabetes causes cardiovascular dis-ease which has higher morbidity rates for male diabetics.  Dis-eases never before seen in children are now showing up at alarmingly high rates. Conventional solutions? Band Aids, pop a pill for everything, not getting to the root cause.   If you listen to your body you know more than a person who speaks to you for just 5 minutes, maybe 10 and writes you a prescription and is out the door to the next patient.

 The body is the greatest communicator and healer but we just don't listen.  We need to. For example, when tired do you slow down and rest? Or do you forge ahead because of x, y or z?  Do you finally get the message because you can't lift up your head or arms and you stay home put for the day, yet feel slightly better the next day and go back to work, school appointments etc.?  You need multiple days of rest to heal without interruption to the healing process to get fully back on your feet and stay on them.  

Depending on what actually got you to stay home and slow down, was the bodies last attempt to communicate to you that you are out of balance.  This could have been contagious and what your run down body (immune system) couldn't fight off. When you go back to normal life after just one day because you "feel" better you've actually shutdown your healing process and possibly spread an illness to others.  If their bodies are not in optimal health, their immune system is compromised, they will be down with an illness too. The more our bodies go through this scenario, the more you are inviting dis-ease into your life. We also need to listen because of reasons like these:  Fainting while driving can be hazardous to your health and can be fatal. My aunt a diabetic, would faint while driving. She was lucky, she didn't kill herself or anyone else. Passing out on a hard floor especially if you live alone is dangerous.   My uncle fell and did hit his head and died. They found a cancerous tumor in his head.  

You have a to-do-list a mile long with nothing marked in for your me time to do what you enjoy, self care and what will SLOW you down.  I'll admit life presents responsibilities to care for others' illnesses to me, causing me to fall short on my quiet time, self care and  fun time.  In the morning before I rise I relax, think and breathe each day, a constant me time.  The rest I do my best to include.  Stress, especially chronic stress, taxes the adrenals, the heart, the immune system, your hormonal system (which is part of a communications network within your digestive system), to name a few.  Everything is interconnected. When in balance you're a Rolls-Royce, when out of balance you're a clunker.

Here's some biology in simple terms.  The built-in survival responses created for man's survival 1000s of years ago aren't working well with our much different lifestyles of today because of what we no longer do that actually kept earlier man much healthier than man today. A few examples, we eat after we are full.  This disrupts the hunger communications that tell us we are satiated, over time we can become obese; we no longer rake leaves we use machines to blow them, we no loner use a scythe to cut grass nor even a hand push blade mower. Most use sit down tractor mowers now.  We are no longer getting the movement we need on a regular basis.  This not only keeps our muscles toned, and our breathing deeper, but also our metabolism is being regulated differently due to modern day lifestyle changes and chronic stress.  Earlier man had stress but not chronic stress.  He hunted large game, had to be strong, run, sprint, squat, forage/gather fruits and vegetables and and be active and alert to survive. Modern day man is not anywhere near as active (has less movement).  Even in just the last 20 - 30 years most kids today have less movement.  They don't use jungle gyms, climb rocks, run or play hard any more.  Aside from team sports programs and karate, kids are using computers, playing computer games (adults too) and you see the rise in obesity and diabetes.  Less movement + more food consumption = unhealthy situations, dis-ease.  Dis-ease = Less calorie burn + More fat storage +Acidic ph. The classic definition of disease is when your ph is .1 higher or .1 lower than the normal ph.  "A healthy blood pH without cancer has acid + alkaline balance almost equal. Actually a healthy body is slightly alkaline measuring approximately 7.4". /barry/update178/index.htm  Therefore maintaining and losing weight is more difficult for many of all ages. And this is a big and, our metabolism is slower so we are not burning enough calories from the increase in the intake of modern day nutrient deficient calories, we are storing fat created by all the low carbs, sugar and hidden sugar products that is so prevalent in the American diet today.   The increase in chronic stress which genetically wants to store more fat for survival, isn't alleviated due to less movement.  Another fact is that we are born with just so much insulin in the pancreas. This never became depleted before death.  It is now. It literally gets used up.  The over consumption of foods especially the sugar laden foods and high glycemic foods cause the pancreas to release insulin almost constantly.  It is now found that the insulin stores meant to last for a life time are now running out at younger and younger ages.  Hence the need to take insulin.

Another good reason we have more dis-ease is because food is fuel for our bodies and is being used for entertainment mostly these days. What's the latest food fad or trend?  Diet? Today the thoughts of what I crave or what I would just like to eat versus what does my body require to function perfectly, as it was created to receive, is more important. We have this mentality of food as gratification and not what we need it for. I'm not saying we can't enjoy it, that's not the purpose and we need to strike a healthy balance.  Food is necessary as fuel for the energy that the body requires on the cellular level where the cells get the nutrients, minerals, water, and oxygen that they need for their food and fuel to function optimally for us every second of every day.  Our heart doesn't miss a beat, we breathe 15-20 breaths per minute as adults no matter what we feed them at, first.  The brain has specific requirements to function optimally, the heart does, the nervous system does, our skin does and so on.

Our body's requirement is high test fuel and sadly most people are providing the lowest grade of regular fuel.  So, most bodies today are breaking down, inflamed, dis-eased, and acidic broken down examples:  diabetes, cancer, coronary heart dis-ease, severe arthritis, autism, altzheimers. We are totally out of balance on so many levels. An acidic body is the ground floor of dis-ease. And no one is listening to the messages from their body: shortness of breath, chronic fatigue, brain fog, low energy, dis-ease, swollen legs, ankles, pain and excessive weight gain.

What does it mean to be in balance? You have energy because your cells receive all that nutrient dense foods supply to them, some of which is supplied rather quickly, therefore they require less use of energy so there is more left over for you overall.   You feel good, you loose some weight, you look forward to each day, you have strong relationships, love your job/career (or move to get to that) and have some higher power, what ever that is for you, to pray/talk to/walk with in nature/meditate with, which is very comforting for you. A true sense of support and unconditional love. What I and many call LifeForce energy.  A good coach can give you good support and accountability to live your dreams and meet goals along with your higher power.  You were not created to be a clunker.

Simple lifestyle changes taken a step at a time over time and the desire to be healthy and happier will transform you to a place that you probably dream about, a place you can definitely obtain and maintain.

My free 50 minute health consultation is an easy way to communicate your struggles, pain, stress and dis-ease and the good, present for you today.  You also clarify what goals you want to reach regarding your health and for what is called primary foods, the essential yet non food sustenance's of life.  Who are you communicating all of this too?  Why to yourself.  As we discuss your most important findings deeper communications will come forth.

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