Friday, February 24, 2012

Do You Do To Do Lists?

What's life without a little organization.  For some it's life. For others it's chaos.

The To Do List is a great organizational tool, or is it?   When we have alot on our plate, like good do be's you, I and a goodly part of the world will diligently write a to do list, whether it is a daily one or a weekly one.  Tell me, does this happen to you... you commit with good intentions to following this list and it may not even be that big of a list, yet you find that items on the list get moved to the following day or week quite often?  Planning is important, but is it if it cause you stress?  Lately with quite a full plate as a solo entrepreneur, a full time student, a caregiver and more, I'm personally moving quite a bit to the next day, more than I care to admit. There's only so many minutes in a day.  Overwhelm and giving up is not good.  Scaling down the number of to do's is good. 

There is a saving grace.  On one side of the paper, or your Word doc, the heading is MY List.  Write two or three doable important tasks that you own, for example, schedule a monthly zumba, yoga, art, any class, write my weekly article today, teachers helper today, plan our weekly menus per meal.  On the other side of the paper write The UNIVERSE's List. Write as many tasks as you like, maybe items you've tried and can't seem to get them to work, time grabbers, for example. Another, my relationship with my... needs more kindness.  The key is after this next step you let these tasks go, no worries no stress; say ahhhh!  Read the Universe's List one last time then tear it into many pieces and throw them in the trash. This is similar to the burning bowl exercise on New Years Eve just before midnight.

My take is, anytime you can receive support, accept it.  The Universe supports and provides. All you need to do is ask.  The Universe loves when you ask.

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