Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions or Results

When the year winds down and the holidays approach many set aside time to reflect and then write up goals and resolutions for the new year.  If this works for you, awesome.  For most after the first month or two they slide by the way side.

When you do your reflections of what the past year brought to you or did not bring to you write them both out.

To me results are what are important. The ones you want to see, feel and live.

What I strive to teach and guide you towards is reawakening the Sacred within you, connecting to the Universal Life Force Energy, the energy that created and still creates everything. Call the Life Force Energy what you are familiar and comfortable with whether this be God, Jesus, The Divine one, The Holy One, Spirit and so forth. It works through you.

Once you have this deep connection you are able to do a number of things.  You can look at your body, mind, cells, your whole being as Sacred, Holy.  You are able to be compassionate with yourself and once you have achieved these your are able to move into your heart center and remember; see your hearts desires, your deepest yearnings, your dreams.  Your core beliefs will emerge.  You and I will work towards these discoveries.  Next you will create the lifestyle of your dreams from your heart, your Sacred Body and your Mind which will refresh your life.

You see, when you create and then live your lifestyle that is all about your dreams and deepest yearnings, annual resolutions and goal setting will not be necessary.  If you own or add a business or a new opportunity comes along that will bring you tremendous joy and aligns with your lifestyle, then you can tweak your life style and add it. You will need to create a business plan and set goals for a business and the business will be part of your dream lifestyle so there will be alignment, balance and harmony.

Goals and resolutions work for some, but for how long and for how many people.  It takes such dedication, most are overwhelmed and stressed out, not enough time in a day.  To me it's like a die-t you feel deprived or negative about the task.  Some can and do this joyfully which is fantastic.  I feel the majority of us do not and these are who this post is speaking to.  Maybe to you too?  When your dreams are your life plan goals aren't necessary.

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