Friday, November 30, 2012

Refreshing Anytime Tips for the Holidays

So many of us are wondering, where did 2012 go!  December starts tomorrow and we are in the joy of another holiday season.

My top refresh tip is to keep up your self care and even step it up a bit.  This way you can count on being energized, joyful and in balance over the next four weeks of holiday celebrations and beyond.

My top 14 self care refresh tips are:

1.  Breathe deeply through your nose into your belly and take it up into your chest and heart.
     Breathe out slowly through your mouth. This is the perfect time to think or say a mantra.
     My favorite of late is All is well!  Repeat 4 times. Increase a breath each day up to 5, 6 ...
2.  Relax with a casual walk.
3.  Write a poem, story or in your journal to slow down your pace.
4.  Hum or sing while working or shopping or straightening up your home.
5.  Decorate for the holidays not a task to be done, but in joy.
6.  Brush your skin with a special bath brush to invigorate your skin to relax and increase circulation
     to it.
7.  Smile as much as you can. Your endorphins will keep you in a great mood.
8.  Give hugs often. The return to you is heart warming.
9.  Reflect on the joy of your divinity, your relationship with Source and know that you are Sacred.
10. Look in the mirror first thing each day and say I Love You. Repeat until you believe it.
11. Tell all whom you know and love that you love and appreciate them and tell them why.
12. Drink non sugar drinks: tea, fresh juices, coconut water and plenty of fresh filtered water, to stay
      in balance and to feel refreshed.
13. Have a cup of your favorite tea with some warming herbs like cinnamon, ginger, cayenne. Sit and
      sip slowly and savour the flavors.   My newest favorite is Jasmine Green Tea which leads to my 
      last self care tip.
14. Create lasting rituals for yourself and separate ones with you and your family or friends.

I'd love to hear about your favorite self care practices.  Looking forward to hearing about them in the comments below.

Wishing you beautiful days and memories,

In health and joy,

Barbara Greenhouse
Health Coach

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