Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sugar Coated Holiday Blues

What a combination, sugar and the holiday blues.  One is enough to live with.  But really, so many of us have both of them.  There is definitely a connection between them. As far as sugar blues goes, many Americans have them and have been exporting them around the world.

What are they? Please continue reading this article by clicking here: Sugar Blues.

To stress free, less sugar and memorable holidays,

In health and joy,

Barbara Greenhouse
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Barbara Greenhouse shares her passions of Food, "Cooking", Cruelty-Free, Ahimsa, the Nutrition and Health Connection, and the Sharing of Unbiased Information for a healthy and informed world.  She guides her clients through their journey to live their deepest dreams, simply and holistically, with compassion and by incorporating some delicious live raw whole foods.  She is currently authoring her first book, "Sacred You, The Delicious Journey"®  -  © copyright Refresh Your Life Now - 2012 Connecticut, USA

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