Saturday, September 28, 2013

3 Ways Trees Are Related To Your Health

To live well you need oxygen, water and nutrient dense foods.

Trees are our breathing buddies. We are mutually benefited by the others actions. Trees remove the carbon out of the air from our exhales and from pollutants in the air. Trees need carbon in the photosynthesis process. Trees then release oxygen into the air through this process.

Trees drink up large amounts of water and help keep a balance of moisture and dryness in your lawn, and land in general when there is not an access of rain. On the flip side when there is not enough water the lands become too dry and can not be farmed or the soil blows away. They help keep some of the water in the ground with their shade keeping the hot sun from directly scorching the earth.

When the temperatures outside are very high trees shade us, animals and insects and provide cooling relief from the high, sometimes scorching temperatures. This puts less of a strain on air conditioning your interior spaces and the power grid.

Trees are their own ecosystems for moss and lichen, insects and animals. Where you and I allow fear of large storms or being pushed by insurances companies to cut them down or else, you loose a very important part of the balance in your life and community. The air quality goes down. When DOT cuts trees down along highways it's harder to breathe from all of the exhaust filled with carbon and more, compared to a drive in the country with numerous trees. This goes for your neighborhood and community too. Trees with interior rot are one thing. Healthy trees are not. They can be trimmed, anchored down and saved. When planted as young trees this needs consideration so they are not too close to a building and are trimmed continuously and kept healthy.  Of  late, too many trees are being chopped down due to fear. It's a little over the top in my opinion. Safety is important. It's just over used with a big dose of fear. What do you think?

So let's take care of our trees too. They will take care of us, our lands, our waters and our air, which is healthier, and makes for a healthier, happier you.

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