Saturday, April 28, 2012

May's Herb of the Month

Garlic Odiferous and Delicious

Garlic is definitely a friend to our bodies yet gets a bum rap due to it's reputation for bad breath and body odor.  Roasted garlic is sweeter and the breath isn't as much of an issue. Now let's see why this member of the Lilley family which was treasured during Egyptian times is good for us.

1.  We live in a world of parasites. They make their way into our digestive tract by the food we eat, from pets and unsanitary conditions.  These little guys and gals just hate garlic. Garlic, over here!

2.  Simplified, our  blood delivers nutrients, proteins, electrolytes and hormones throughout the body.  It also feeds the neurons in the brain the oxygen and the nutrients they need to stay healthy, requiring a constant blood flow to the brain.

The body makes its own supply of hydrogen sulfide, which acts as an antioxidant and transmits cellular signals that relax blood vessels and increase the blood flow. Garlic also increases hydrogen sulfide in the body.  You can read the rest of this article here. Again, this ensures  an even free flow of blood throughout the body, except to the lungs where the blood takes and delivers oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.  Very important tasks. 

While garlic enhances many recipes with it's flavor we also know it is very beneficial for heart and cancer health for these reasons.  

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well just maybe having garlic each day will keep the cardiologist and oncologist away. We can wish right! Wishes and thoughts do come true.

A few of the ways that I love to use garlic in recipes ( there are many)  are in my chunky guacamole/salsa, my green salads, raw crackers and in my salad smoothie.  

What are some of your favorite recipes that you make using  garlic? Head on down to the comments section below and please let us know.  Would love to have you also share with us on


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