Sunday, December 18, 2011

Compassion a Word with Depth and What It Can Do For You

We could speak about the depths of Compassion for hours if not days.  It is that important.

God is an all compassionate God.  When you are compassionate you feel it deeply towards yourself and others. It is an emotion where on the one hand you are "judgmental" because you see an issue, yours or someone elses and on the other hand you are moved to act divinely once the issue is seen.

We are taught so many things in life directly from those we know and love, friends, society and through assimilation.  We learn how to be judgemental unconsciously early on in life.   When you understand and live with Compassion you are liberated from being judgemental, you are more loving to yourself and others, those most often judged by society and to animals. In other words, it is non-violence towards your body and within your mind.

How does this relate to Refresh Your Life Now?  When you treat yourself with Compassion you are not cruel to yourself, you do not live in fear, you do not sabotage yourself, you do not criticize yourself, and you do not judge yourself.  You simply acknowledge "what is" and lovingly let it go.  You substitute your "what is" with your yearnings, your hearts desires, with love.  You know that you deserve what ever the new "what is", is.  There is no regret, you feel great about it! The results happen in steps or fairly quickly depending on the what your "what is", is.

Some of you may have more than one area in your lives where Compassion would be a
beneficial practice.  Examples might be image issues due to your weight, disfigurement, acne; beating yourself up for not realizing or doing something, you know the swirling thoughts in your head:  Why do I do this constantly, why don't I do that? Why do I procrastinate all the time, I get nothing done, I'm worthless. What's wrong with me, why can't I my family,...keep weight off..., heal? and on and on.

When you think about it and when you are aligned with your deepest yearnings you become less stressed, and less negative.  You also become more positive, more excited, more joyful, more energized (I like to say jazzed) more loving and more happy.  Your thoughts and actions are in balance, your mood is cheerful.  I believe we all want that.

If you are as excited about this as I am, give me a call or email me and we will  schedule a time to talk about Refreshing Your Life Now.


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