Saturday, January 7, 2012

Honor Thyself and the Divine

When a situation arises that puts you into a tizzy or a tail spin, one that sends you into deep negativity and/or fear, what path do you unconsciously choose?

These feelings and the changes in your mind and your body, where did they come from and  where you go with them are key bits of knowledge on your journey with the Divine. They are keys to your happiness.  Instead of overplaying the negativity and the fear, recognize them for what they are, where they came from and as soon as possible look to come to a solution.  How? By tuning into your Divinity, your Sacred within, your heart center.  And if appropriate for the situation reconnecting with your Sacred Body Temple with compassion.

Holistic practices that work beautifully at times like these that you may wish to try to tune in and reconnect are full breathing, meditation, repeating the OM slowly or any preferred mantra of yours, visualization, taking a walk in nature, humming a favorite song that you know will change your mood for the better, light candles and read inspirational quotes, passages or poems, draw, light candles and run a warm bath, make a favorite cup of tea, listen to soothing music.  Notice no food or shopping!  Use one or more to create a ritual. You are not sweeping your situation under the rug, you are working towards a solution.

Once you see and feel the connection, and then the solution, it all falls lovingly into place because instead of fear, stress and negativity, you used compassion, gentleness and kindness. This may take some practice, however rituals are lasting once created if you choose them to be, and, rituals are just as wonderful when you do them for no other reason then to enjoy them. 

I sincerely invite you to take the journey to the Divine and honor your self today and for the rest of your life.  You will notice a big change.

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