Monday, March 12, 2012

Wonderment of Spring

After a fairly mild winter, the signs of Spring are everywhere. Yet, it's not quite Spring.  It's so delightful going outside without a jacket.

Spring brings to mind cleanses, lighter diets, longer daylight hours and what seems to be more time to do more.  While these are all good, I invite you to a different kind of Spring, a delicious Spring seen in a new light.  

Hear the new sounds of Spring; the melodious sounds of the birds, full brooks and streams gurgling, peepers peeping, more laughter out doors, children playing outside.  

Feel the lighter weight of your clothing and the soft warm breezes move across your face and body while soaking in more natural sunlight as the days grow longer.  

See the beautiful colors of the crocuses, daffodils, buds and new leaves as they unfold.  
Smell and taste the freshness of the Spring air.

Gently let your mind slow down and take this all in. 
Be still and know that nature awakens.

Begin to refresh from the holds of winter; longer dark nights, heavier foods, holiday rushing about, and too much TV and computer time, perhaps.  

Breathe.  Be with the flow of Spring.
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