Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger for Change Movie Premiere

Quite and eye opener.  Packed with information. A must see film for everyone to understand why the nation is sicker and obesity, diabetes and cancer is so prevalent these days.

Some peeks...

1. Most people are starving on a cellular level.
2. Sugar is a drug just like alcohol. Has an opiate affect you become habituated to it. You look 
     to comfort foods which release sugar, a virtual delivery system of sugar right into body fat.
     It isn't the fat that's making you fat. It's the sugar and it's cheaper to produce.
3. If you drink diet soda, within a year you will have gained weight.
4. The marketers are telling you this, and you're getting this. 
5. Walk down the grocery store aisle for kids breakfast foods, you may as well
     roll up their sleeves and inject sugar.
6. Read all food labels, chemicals that clean out automotive parts are in food as are a host of 
     other unapproved chemicals hidden under other names and under spices and/or 
7.  When you are very ill and diagnosed with cancer you must look back on your life and
     figure out with your own research which foods and lifestyle components caused this, then 
     heal yourself.

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