Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is Your Body a Sacred Temple?

Realizing that my body is a Sacred Body Temple created a major shift in my life.  It allowed making the changes I wanted come to life.  I was able to refresh my life.  Can it for you? Absolutely. 

So what does it all mean?  Simply that every cell and every fiber of your body and mind are Sacred, connected to, and filled with the Life Force energy and the creative energy.   This requires the healthiest, smartest practices for your body as a whole and for your thoughts as well.  You have a deep connection to the divine, on all levels. This is holistic living, the interconnections of body, thoughts, the Divine and the world you live in.

Each system in your body does miraculous processes for you every moment of the day.  Every group of cells in the process, every cell in the group, down to the components of each cell hum 24-7 to keep you healthy, functioning and full of energy to carry out all that you do, consciously or unconsciously, all day and night.   Pretend for a moment that you are a car, a car built to run on High Test fuel, not sand, not water and not Regular. Your cells have many components and the KEY is to keep them nourished with what they require, not necessarily what you want to feed them to live a vibrant, joyful, balanced life.  Your bodies and cells are like the car example above. You and I were created to run on High Test.

Compassion is a very important aspect along with your Sacred Body Temple to refresh your life into a holistic lifestyle, one aligned with your core beliefs, your deepest yearnings, your dreams. You can read my article on Compassion here.  In essence, it is to run optimally physically and consciously for you to feel and look your best, to be able to live in alignment with all that is deeply important to you while being connected to the divine, the spark of creation of all.  It allows you to live a healthy life, live YOUR deepest dreams not your parents, not your best friends, not your spouses, the list can go on. Yours!

My formula to Refresh Your Life is simple, all encompassing, and takes some work. But the results!
I am your support, your net, I will keep you accountable, and you will stay on track.  You see, aligning to your Sacred within, being Compassionate with yourself and your thoughts keeps you naturally committed.  You will be deeply committed to You. 

Success = Sacred > Compassion > Commitment> Transformation ® TM

If you are as excited about this as I am, give me a call or email me and we will  schedule a time to talk about Refreshing Your Life Now. 


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