Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Living a Simplified Life Easy

In life we tend to want the easy way out now a days. Even the least expensive.  We don't have enough patience or time anymore for whatever the reason.  It's too inconvenient. Our priorities are out of balance.

When we take the easy way out we may actually make life more difficult by leaving out important aspects, thoughts, ideas and decisions, we rush.  We will most likely have to redo the situation, project, event, business decision for example. This is wasteful and costly in time and many times in money.

Simple is a step by step system to get to something new or for a change - the intended results you seek.  Is this always easy? To be honest, no. We probably need to think more than we want, make uncomfortable decisions we'd rather not, or go back to a place we've "covered up" (pushed away).  Examples of this are not making healthy snacks or lunch and grabbing fat and sugar laden unhealthy fast foods, not listening to your body even when it is screaming at you that it is out of balance and needs you to slow down, pumping your body with coffee/caffeine to re-energize, not bringing unpleasant situations to closure. This discomfort usually holds the solutions to where we want to go with our lives, it is the bridge to get there. I am the safety net in your process. 

So while it may be simple to follow the steps it may not be easy.   This is how you move from your place of struggle and pain to your place of ease, authenticity, and pleasure. The system we create for you is your journey to living your dreams within YOUR new lifestyle.  Will it need tweaking now and again, possibly.  You can always have new passions as you mature and grow and as you raise your level of consciousness.

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