Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Tribute To Thomas Kinkade

There are people who truly live what they believe.  Thom lived what he believed.  He lived his core values, his religious beliefs, his family and his work.  He had some rough times too showing how we're all human.

A beautiful excerpt I read in one of his books that I am happy to own, he was very much in love with and devoted to his wife Nanette, he wanted the perfect place to settle down and raise a family and to build his studio on his property to be close to the family he loved and to share daily meals with them.

The first time I saw his paintings my breath was taken away.  I was drawn to the light in each of his paintings in the cottages and the light houses.  I felt like I was actually in each scene he painted so beautifully.  I was emotionally involved, deeply connected and taken to another place for those special moments.  Years ago an elder woman was suicidal.  She was very depressed and didn't see the point of living anymore.  She was walking down a street past a shop window.  She saw one of Thom's paintings and was drawn to the light in the window in this particular painting.  It re-lit something deep inside her and she now wanted to live.  ( This Years ago ... live again statement here I read many years ago and I am unable to find the source today to validate it for you.)

The picture in my post today is my painting, the one I chose for an art class ten years ago. It's now a bit faded and out of shape, and so much more special to me now.  It is one of many beautiful paintings included in his book, Simpler Times.

Like many others this holiday weekend I was very saddened by the news of Thom's death.  I find it interesting that he died on Good Friday.  

Thomas Kinkade was truly the painter of light and his light will shine on through eternity.

My blessing to have painted this, Thom's work, in my art class.

In Love and Light,


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