Saturday, April 14, 2012

Delicious Anytime Smoothie

Hit the books and notes last night studying into the wee hours.  I wanted a snack.  So happy I had all these ingredients to make the following smoothie:

9 oz Thai coconut juice
1/2 pound fresh organic strawberries
1 large ripe organic banana
3 TB raw organic coconut oil
2 TB Vega EFA oil
2 TB cinnamon
1/4 cup raw organic cacao powder
2 C organic baby spinach


· first add coconut juice and strawberries to blender
· next add in the following order:
· the oils
· cinnamon (slowly)
· cacao (slowly)
· pulse in the banana
· scrape sides of the blender
· pulse in spinach 1/2 or all at a time

Very Young Coconut

1.  cut back the fruits by 1/2. Increase the spinach to 3 C or more.

2.  add in a sweet apple or another 1/2 banana if the smoothie isn't sweet enough for you.    
However, late at night or in my case really very early in the morning, you don't want a
sugar rush.  

3.  use dandelion or other dark greens with or instead of spinach.

4. add real dehydrated organic wheat grass juice powder

If you are diabetic substitute an apple for the banana, the fiber in the apple and the fiber and protein in the spinach helps to keep the blood sugar more stable. The more greens you use the better.

Always flavor to your tastes and experimentation is good.  It's an adventure. 

So I'd love to have you tell me about your favorite smoothie or favorite late night (or into the wee hours of the morning) snack in the comments below.


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